New to Boating? Here are Some Tips!

November 23rd, 2011 | by |

If you’re new to boating, you may be overwhelmed of all the boating equipment and accessories that are out there.  You may not even know where to begin!  Boating is intended to be an enjoyable experience, but when it comes down to it, safety should be your number one priority. 

For a bare minimum of safety boat supplies, you’ll need: life jackets, flares, strong docking rope, right sized anchor for your boat, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, whistle, back up batteries, maintenance tools, navigational equipment, and radio communication.  It’s also possible to pick up wi-fi Internet access and cell signals a few miles off shore.  You should talk to your ISP and cell service providers for details.  You should also consider having an air ventilator installed so you won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. 

After safety, next on the list of must-have boating equipment are living necessities, including refrigerators, heaters, fans, microwaves, plumbing, and more.  If you can afford all the appropriate convenience accessories, you can have you a nice vacation out on the water for a few days or more!

Finally, there are luxury items for you to invest in so you can have a relaxing, luxurious time on board.  Boating accessories such as DVD players, TV’s, and music radio are popular these days.  You can also bring along sporting accessories for fun water activities.  Some people prefer fishing, while others like water skiing.  If you prefer more passive sports like fishing, then there is plenty of hi-tech fishing gear for you to choose from.  If extreme sports is more your thing, then bring along the water skis!  If you enjoy adventure, then you can buy snorkeling gear and do some underwater exploring!

There is obviously so much to choose from, and as long as you always put safety first, you will find out how fun and exciting boating can be.

Elisha Westmen

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